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These Terms of Use are centrally governed by May Fountain, applicable consistently across all member firms and business units within the group.


By using any of our group websites including any online services you have or are deemed to have expressly or impliedly agreed to our Terms of Use including without limitation the Privacy Policy and Legal Notices, which are conclusive between you and the relevant member of our group of companies.


You may use any of our group websites for legitimate pursposes only.


Use of any our group websites does not constitute any professional Advisor-Client relationship.


The entirety of the Terms of Use are governed exclusively by the applicable laws of Viet Nam (exclusing conflict of laws provisions) with the competent courts of Viet Nam having exclusive jurisdiction.






May Fountain respects your privacy. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of users of our website and all other online services via the or any of May Fountain group domains or websites (the 'Site'). This Privacy Policy does not apply to information exchanged during the course of professional Advisor-Client relationship which is protected by confidentiality. This Privacy Policy may be varied from time to time, where any significant change shall be clearly notified in our home page.


1. What Information We Collect


In general, users of our Site are not required to provide any personal information, except to the extent that:-


(a) You provide us with your personal information (the 'Communicated Information'); and/or

(b) Your browser accepts Cookies used on our Site.


2. How We Use Communicated Information


To serve you, by effectively processing your queries or requests within May Fountain operations, and to the extent of your consent.


3. How We Use Cookies


Like many other websites, our Site uses Cookies. In summary, Cookies are small packets of technical data that can be placed on your browser from the websites you visit. The Cookies we use are essential to enable you to move around our Site and use its features.


You may choose not to accept Cookies on your device by so indicating on your browser, although doing so may limit your view of our Site. You can find more information about cookies at


4. Links


Any link to any Third Parties' website that is not operated by May Fountain is for your convenient reference only, for which you shall use at your own risks. When you use these links, you leave our Site. This Privacy Policy does not cover Third Parties' websites. May Fountain has not verified or reviewed any privacy policy of such Third Parties' websites, nor do we endorse or make any representations of any type about them or their contents.


5. Security


May Fountain employs the highest reasonable and up-to-date security measures to protect the contents of our Site, its features and any information processed through it.


6. Contact


If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our Data Privacy Controller at:-


Hoa Lam Building, Suite 104, Thi Sach Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

T: +84 8 3829 8329



If you are currently receiving marketing information from us and would like to unsubscribe, please email us at .






1. General


May Fountain, may fountain, MAY FOUNTAIN (with and without the 'LLC' suffix, hereinafter collectively 'May Fountain') are registered trademarks and business names of May Fountain Limited Liability Company's global management consulting services specializing in the Corporate Governance and Mergers & Acquisitions sectors. The end-products of all May Fountain's professional services are strategic management solutions for corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, contractual engagements and projects management.


May Fountain or the 'Firm', is a limited liability company duly incorporated under the Companies Act 2005 of Viet Nam, with a business registration number and tax code 0314001861, as a consulting firm legally licensed to provide management consulting services in and from Viet Nam for Clients worldwide. The Firm's registered office and principal place of business is at address Hoa Lam Building, Suite 104, Thi Sach Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.


Regarding any and all May Fountain's operations, where applicable a reference to the Firm's officer as 'Partner' or 'Counsel' shall mean such officer's capacity, within May Fountain's professional services, as a shareholder or director or other senior employee or consultant with equivalent standing and qualification. Confirmation of Partner or Counsel status can be provided on request.


2. No Legal Services or Lawyer-Client or Advisor-Client Relationship


May Fountain's core competency and competitive advantage is our expertise which helps Clients formulate and implement appropriate strategies in the Corporate/ M&A sectors, considering all relevant aspects of Clients' businesses including without limitation the legal and regulatory frameworks, the economic landscapes, the market operations, the investment expectations and all other aspects relevant to business management generally.


While certain information in this website may refer to actual or potential legal issues within the context of Corporate Goverance and Mergers & Acquisitions and businesses generally, whether in Viet Nam or worldwide, neither such information nor any part of May Fountain's operations is intended or offered as legal advice or substitute of the same from qualified legal counsel. You should not and are not authorized to rely on any such information as a source of legal advice. Any reference to May Fountain's Partner or Counsel or other officer as a lawyer based on his/her professional qualification shall not constitute any lawyer-client relationship.


3. Location-specific Laws and Businesses


Besides our strong in-house legal team and business team for internal use, May Fountain may instruct external legal and business counsels within Viet Nam or worldwide to address any location-specific laws and businesses where necessary.


4. Professional Indemnity Insurance


All aspects of May Fountain's professional operations shall be under professional indemnity insurance coverage of value in excess of Viet Nam compulsory requirements from time to time. Depending on our Clients' destinations, we may where applicable and/or legally required, obtain additional insurance coverage as necessary from time to time. Further updated details of May Fountain's insurance can be provided for reference by potential and existing Clients on request.


Any and all insurance coverage so obtained is/are solely for the purpose of positively reinforcing our commitments to best-in-class professional services.


5. Anti-corruption, Anti-money-laundering and Anti-violation of Laws


May Fountain strictly implements a blanket policy of Zero-Tolerance (with absolutely no compromise) towards any and all kinds of corrupt, money-laundering and/or violation-of-law acts or omissions.


Honouring the highest standards of ethics and our well-established principles at work, May Fountain is committed to delivering our professional services in full compliance with the laws of Viet Nam, and in maximum compatibility with other relevant laws. We also use best endeavours to ensure that those who perform the services for and on behalf of May Fountain are aware of and share our commitments accordingly.


6. Intellectual Property Rights


All materials contained in this website and/or as provided by May Fountain from time to time, unless otherwise specified, are and remain the intellectual properties of May Fountain, violation of which shall result in serious consequential liabilities.


You may make copies of our materials that are of interests to you for personal legitimate purposes only, inclusive of providing the same to others for general references free-of-charge. Whenever you make any such copies, the content of our relevant materials must be remained fully intact, and being covered by a copy of this notice. You may not republish and/or create a link to any and all parts of this website without our advance written consent.


7. Disclaimers


All materials and information contained in this website and/or as provided by May Fountain from time to time, are for general references only, and shall not in any way be construed or constitute specific professional advice of any kind, and shall not be relied upon as such. Neither May Foutain nor any of our officers accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise due to unauthorized reliance upon any such information.


Certain part of this website may link to external websites, and vice-versa. May Fountain is not responsible for the content or operation of any external link or external website.



May Fountain reserves the rights, in our sole discretion and without notice, to amend any and all contents of any of our websites or online services including without limitation the Terms of Use section at any time deemed reasonably fit.

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