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'Before anything else, preparation is the key to success'

Alexander Graham Bell




Different talent new hires that you acquire will have varying levels of competency in Compliance and Business Management as well as latest Technology Capability, especially in the international context.


MAY FOUNTAIN expert team will tailor our solutions to your teams' specific needs with Flexible Onboarding Initiatives so that your new hires will get on the jobs quickly to the standards that you and your customers expect.



As your companies develop to pursue new markets, craft new products and explore new growth potentials, upskilling your teams' mindset, qualifications and skillsets is a critical necessity.

MAY FOUNTAIN experts are always 'on the field' when it comes to our subject matters. We will be working closely with you to advise, design and implement Bespoke Upskilling  Initiatives so that your teams can be equipped with the latest tools they need for the toughest competition. 



Things will always change, business dynamics will shake. Retraining will not only keep your whole company on track, but also open up new career path opportunity for your teams.


MAY FOUNTAIN covers you with our tailored Sustained Retraining Initiatives dedicated specifically to your needs, so that your teams always have the right mindset and skillsets they need to deliver better results for you and your customers.

we coach what we do best


our Experts have decades of hands-on experience in the subject matters that we coach


strategic Focus on relevant subject matters coaching

in line with

Global Corporate ESG


core Modules empowered by

Business & Legal Expertise

+ Technology Expertise, ready for the new digital economy


key focus Skillsets



Business Competency

Tech Capability

Professional Development

Our Executive Academy

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American Code Lab is a Technology member of May Fountain Group, providing Digital Transformation Services & Executive Trainings in the highly specialized business domain of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Management in the context of AI-driven Global Business Administration to help companies improve complex processes execution and large scale data automation for all compliance purposes.

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our corporate coaching solutions generate industry standard recognition for your corporate teams

to do the jobs better, and to feel proud of it

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May Fountain x American Code Lab
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