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Practical focus and coherent solutions are at the heart of our specialist expertise.

May Fountain experts are regularly involved in transformational and breakthrough transactions across borders. Our capabilities are the results of decades of practical experience, built on solid project management and corporate goverance capabilities coupled with realistic business sense.


How Strategy Should Work For You?


(May Fountain) -- Corporations are both the drivers and beneficiaries of commercial reality. For independent corporate governance, investment, M&A or contractual engagement purposes, the real test of strategy is its applicability.


Whether strategy is perceived as a choice of some kind; or as one that is shaped by certain forces -- strategy itself can have minimal impact if it does not pass this apparently simple yet extremely real and practical test of the sensible business world: Does strategy work profitably (as chosen or as shaped)?

And so, where strategy comes from may be good to know, but it is only the effect of strategy that is important as it goes down to the root of any corporation itself. Perhaps except only whatever aspirations that corporations may have, the most critical end-aim is profitability (without profit it would be hard to sustain any aspirations anyway). 


In our M&A advisory services, when it comes to strategy, May Fountain's signature style of approach has been proven particularly helpful for clients: In any specific situation, we maintain an objective perspective to focus primarily on scrutinizing only the most critical issues -- to concisely 'read' the relevant situation -- by deploying a series of smart questions to elicit or stimulate smart answers, with profound emphasis on: Why do it (this deal, this transaction, and so forth)? How can it be profitably integrated into the relevant corporation's overall sustainable growth map?


We are confident that true strategy (however chosen or shaped) must have the kind of specific effect capable of being materialized into tangible results. Only with that can corporations make any real sense of their very existence in this highly competitive and disruptive business world.  




Q2 2021 - Vietnam is becoming an increasingly hot-spot for Logistics businesses, as inbound investments increase coupled by the surge in e-commerce and import/export activities.

VCB - 006.jpeg


Q2 2021 - Vietnam continues to improve coherent infrastructure systems to drive economic and social development. In the next 10 years, infrastructure demands call for tens of billion of dollars. Many foreign investors are keen to participate.

Open For Business


Q2 2021 - The Covid-19 pandemic push investment activities in general, and M&A in particular, all faster since opportunities windows are narrower. Although, this will require better deal execution, especially due diligence and careful risk assessment.



Q2 2021 - Technology continues to be the way forward. Digitalization efforts in the region, including Vietnam keep gaining momentum from both the public and private sector. Increasing activities across the board, from traditional technology, software engineering to fintech, medtech and the like.

Business Partners at Work


Q2 2021 - Corporate activities continues its dynamics with many new companies set up, both local and foreign. Legal, finance, tax, payrolls, recruitment and related processes in spotlight.

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